Can You Use the Card Counting Strategy When Playing Online Blackjack?

Is it possible to count blackjack online? With technological advancement, card gaming has gotten a new bill of health online. Players are, however, lost as they strive to find a winning system. Most wonder if the conventional card counting strategy can apply in online blackjack. Well, online blackjack counting is a viable option in the long run. However, because of its slow pace and low penetration, a player will not reap much at compared to visiting a physical casino. You can use the traditional Hi-Lo card counting method and its variations to beat the bookmaker. But the slow nature of the online casino makes limits a player's winning potential. In some cases, only 20 hands get dealt with within an hour.

Is Online Blackjack Counting Worth It?

If you are familiar with card counting, you know that profits are what matters most. However, the process of achieving these profits is also crucial. You have to create a winning strategy that takes to account your risk appetite, your investment capital, and, most importantly, the speed of the game. It is for these reasons that most players settled on card counting. However, with blackjack, the dynamics of the game changed. Systems operate in such a way that the house can deal a player can a certain amount of cards per hour, which in turn translates to a specific amount of winnings. In addition to this, the 7-seat tables are full half the time one seeks to play the high stakes game. Players are also:

  • Only permitted to bet on their spot or hand
  • Expected to have larger investment capital to earn big profits
  • Required to work around less stringent rules to make successful bets
  • Expected to deal with the low penetration of online casino

Online blackjack has a huge variation from the real casino counters. In the latter, the dealer bets a minimum on their hand if the running bets are not in their favor. They also place more and bigger bets on the hands of players who stand a winning chance against the house. For one to make profits at blackjack, s/he is supposed to increase their bets significantly if the true count number if greater than two. This reality is, however, not the case with online blackjack. Often, a player is not able to open other spots or even place bets to other hands. A player also has to invest more to earn more for every hour s/he spends playing.

What are the Rules, Deck Penetration, and Rounds Per Hour Like?

The rules offered by most online casinos are poor. However, a determined player can find average rules that will improve the overall outcome of his or her play. In terms of deck penetration, a player has to be extremely smart to count cards. A lot of casinos use continuous shuffle machines to discourage players from counting cards. However, casinos that do not use this system use dealer to shuffle the cards often after 4 out of 8 decks. In some cases, the dealer shuffles in the middle of the shoe. Due to the clicks players make to make decisions about their decisions and the different combination of the tables, the online blackjack becomes slow. This method reduces most of the blackjack games played online to 20-rounds/hr.

A professional card counter in a normal casino will play an average of 150 rounds per hour. This frequency allows him or her to earn a significant amount of cash per hour. The game is faster, and the card shuffling technique is favorable for him. However, in an online blackjack card game, the process of card counting is heavily curtailed by the low speed, poor rules, and shuffling technique used by the dealers. However, there are determined players who find better ways to play. One such way is to find a dealer with average rules and high speed. Such a dealer might increase your play rate of play to 50 rounds per hour, thus increasing your potential hourly earnings.

Can a Player Beat an Online Casino With Card Counting?

It is possible to beat the casino. However, you will have to do it slowly. Given that what the casino has as their betting system is set to optimize their profit, a player has to be extremely patient. S/he has to choose the right casino to play and invest large capital to make a significant profit. The player also has to spend more time playing to compound his profits. Given that this is a risky venture, some players choose to stick to the traditional casinos where one physically presents him or herself to the table. Here rounds per hour are higher, and the rules are good. Keep playing; lady luck might just visit you soon.


Last modified: 20 January 2021